When you let your heart speak.

I think when we let our hearts speak, magic can happen. So often it´s the fear that has the loudest voice; If I take this job it might not work out, maybe it´s safe where I am? Why should I say yes to a coffee with a person I don´t know? If I demand to much of my boyfriend he might get scared and leave. Yes, and the world might explode, or at least a volcano might erupt.

But how do you know if you don´t try? I´ve always tried to follow my heart, but sometimes I try to please others. That never really helps a lot. Most of the time I end up feeling empty. Sometimes even if the person you have a coffee with doesn´t really end up being your best friend, you might meet someone else through that person. If you demand to be taken seriously and with respect, maybe you will find out that you are in the right relationship or maybe not. Most probably it will lead you to the right one. Who knows, but if you don´t take care of your heart, who will?

So how do you listen to your heart? Also called intuition, gut-feeling. Sometimes it´s enough to remember to breathe… all the way down to the stomach. Turn off the TV, be alone for 2 minutes or three. Just feel. For me I know when my voice sounds like it´s very loud and up in my head, I´m not listening at all, I´m just there, pleasing others. Maybe for you it´s differnet? Strengthen your connection with your intuition! (link from Oprah.com)

I woke up this morning very low on energy. (I have thyroid problems/Hypothyroidism and also recently had treatments for inflammation in my joints, so I´m building myself up again, day by day.) Then I decided to help someone, because it felt right. Even though I thought I´d never make it through the day. Funny enough, I ended up with a lot more energy, because they were so grateful! It felt so good.

Isn´t that amazing, that my day changed completely because of doing something so simple as helping someone?

Take care of your heart, it´s good for you and everybody around you!