Wish I could fly!

Sometimes I´m so tired I just want to give up, just for a little moment. That´s when I wish I could fly, when the world doesn´t seem to understand me, when my head is overworked, when the light in the tunnel seems a bit blurry. How nice it would be to be up over the clouds, no worries, just letting the world play it´s games without me.

What is it that we do to ourselves? Why are so many people tried and overworked? Why are we moving so bloody fast, what are we trying to accomplish? If the promotion comes faster, will we be happier, if the new house comes faster, will we really be fulfilled? Isn´t it always something… Something that could be better, something that could be bigger, or smaller, or different?

I just want to fly away, like my friend the green elephant, maybe he can see things better from up there?

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