Please don´t make me eat so much chocolate!

If you are one of the people who work in an office dealing with the public, please recognize this and make my life easier if you can: (and others)

I have now been to the most amazing office ever! It´s the Finance/Tax office (Finanças) in Albufeira. After that I had to eat two chocolatebars and scream into a pillow! You go in one door, and if you don´t take a number you  have to go back to the little box where you draw your number and draw a number, even if the office is empty. Then you explain what you need. Within the understanding of the person sitting there, please make it simple. Remember, there are boxes that your questions needs to fit into. Do not ask questions outside the box!

Then they tell you to go around the corner to the same department, but a through differnet door, with your number. So you wait. Then you speak to another person who gives you (hopefully) the paper you need, but wait…. You now have to go out the door back to the first office to make your payment (somthing like 5 Euros). Then and only then can you go to the second department to show your payment-reciept, and then and only then you get your paper.

This was on a not so buizy day. I think I know why everybody drinks wine here in Portugal, to calm their nerves…

This is Anne, done for today!