Drive-in beach in Portugal?

Finally they moved the cars away from the beachwalk! I´m so happy. Who wants to sit on an outdoor cafe next to the beach only to see parked cars in-between you and the view? Well, that´s not a big surprise in Portugal, because here they drive everywhere. The closer you can get, the better. People come to the most amazing beaches, park in front of the view, and sit there, inside the car.

You see, for a norwegian girl who grew up with constantly hearing that fresh air is so important, it´s hard to swallow. In Norway we usually let nature be further away from any carpark. Here they almost barbecue from the car-window in the natural resorts. The car is an extension of the body.

In Armação de pera, a small village next to Albufeira, they finally did it, they removed the cars, and made a long paved walk next to the beach. It comes with a view without cars!  One thing is how long it took to build it, I mean they did start in the most buzzy season, so the tourists last year where probably not very happy with all the machines and the triangle-signs on the beachwalk, but hey, this is Portugal! It´s disorganized and beautiful, I love it!