What´s the point with paradise if you can´t enjoy it?

What´s the point with living in paradise if you can´t enjoy it? Let´s just say Algarve has what anyone who live where there is snow, would love to have. Sandy beaches, 21 degrees in march. Today I counted my blessings. I was one of the lucky people who got to go to the beach.

I was a bit shocked that the beach was not filled with people. Of course I prefer it like that.  Most of the algarvians (people from Algarve) don´t go to the beach in the “winter” even if they have it on their doorstep. It is saturday, so it´s not because they´re all working. They might wait till august when everybody else is packed together on top of eachother, and it´s too hot for comfort. How strange is that?

It´s bliss. What a very pleasant paradise!

Since many people who don´t have this, wish they had,  this norwegian girl will at least count her blessings for being so lucky, on a saturday in march!