Are we moving to fast?

Living in Portugal can sometimes feel like you have gone back in time. Perhaps it´s because people walk slower? Of course it´s a matter of development. The way I see it, in Norway we sometimes move so fast forward to the much better future that we don´t realize that maybe we are leaving behind what makes us tick.

I remember when I was a kid, we went to farms in Norway to buy tomatoes and other vegetables long before I heard the word organic. Now that´s rare. In Portugal people still go to the village markets to buy and sell what they produce. Biologic or organic? What is that, they say, why would we put anything unhealthy on the food we are going to eat ? Exactly! Portugal is in many ways a cute little timebubble where you find the things we perhaps lost in development in Norway. Sure, we are lucky in Norway, the standard of living is high, and we can get anything we want in the shops if we pay.

But how can you measure standard of living in pure olive oil from the farm next door or oranges falling down from the trees right next to you? How can you compare that to anything in the shelves of the more “developed” countries? The other day I wanted to buy a cauliflower and I didn´t know if I was on the right track, because I´ve never seen one covered in green leaves. That´s apparently how they look like directly from the field.

When we buy 2 dozen eggs from the farm up the street, they give us 26 instead of 24 because they think they are a little bit small. 2 Euros pr dozen. The chickens might be annoying, because they make a lot of noise, but they seem happy. The eggs taste so much better than any I´ve ever had before.

There are good things about development, don´t get me wrong. There are a lot of things that need to change here in Portugal, but at least we have fruits that has actually seen the sun, and what´s not to love about that!?