Paradise in Greece

Guest post from my mother about her perfect holiday spot Antiparos:

Twelve years ago we found this beautiful spot on Antiparos, and every year since then it has been our favourite holiday resort, mostly in september and occasionally may/june. Kouros Village, just 5 minutes by foot from the harbour, is a melting pot with customers from all over the world, and some of them are dear friends today.

We enjoy relaxing on this lovely terrace, just watching the sea and the life over at the harbour, sometimes busy and sometimes slow and lazy.

It’s a privilege being so close and still watching it from a distance.
I love the mornings with strong coffee and a long-lasting breakfast, sometimes a couple of hours, just enjoying the view  before we eventually decide which beach we choose today, there are several options, all in walking-distance.
Once in a while during the afternoon before the sun sets I spend an hour or two at the slope just behind Kouros collecting thyme. This intense and tasteful herb adds a delicious flavour and taste to our meals during the cold winter.
Dinners are often spent at one of the local tavernas together with good friends, and when enjoying our meals in good company we collect good memories. Walking back in the soft night we pass the harbour with its caracteristic smell of the sea, and end the night on Kouros’ lovely and peaceful terrace before going to sleep.

Ingrid & Aris on holiday.

These and thousands of other small and bigger events remain in our hearts and minds when the vacation comes to an end.
Sitting on the ferryboat when leaving Antiparos we watch our favourite holiday spot Kouros
across the small bay, already looking forward to next time.
Written by Ingrid Onsøien
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