Dream or reality?

My dream once upon a time was to one day ride on a little pink Vespa to the market, a very romantic image was burnt into my mind. Vegetables and fruit in a basket in front, saying hello to all the locals on the way through the narrow streets. I would of course wake up early in the morning and be back with fresh bread for breakfast. Oh well, it was a lovely fantasy. Now I live in Algarve, where there are more sunny days in a year than in California. I go to the market in a 15-year-old grey Mercedes, with a backpack.

I though about it long and hard, but when I see how they drive here, the pink Vespa became nothing but a cute dream. I loved the idea of the dream, but I´m safer in a car. I love that in Portugal you can still go to the market and buy vegetables, cheese and fruit from the farmers. They are probably more organic than organic certified food itself. You know that if you go to the right stands, you get vegetables they just pulled out of the field in the early hours of the morning.

Maybe I could have been there in the early hours of the morning to get the best pick, but I don´t like getting up early. So no little pink Vespa, not so early in the morning  my norwegian backpack is full of healthy vegetables and fruit. It would look a bit stupid if I put a little basket in front of the Mercedes, wouldn´t it?

Some dreams are just dreams, but some dreams change and evolve. It´s our job to just enjoy the fulfilment even if it doens´t look exactly like we imagined!