Albufeira celebrates winter!

Albufeira can be many things. It can be filled with shorts-walking tourists with socks in their sandals, while the non-tourists wear winterjackets and shake their heads. In august it´s unbearable for everybody except the tourists, who love clinging to strangers at the beach, all on top of each other. Me, I like it when the so-called winter feels a littlebit more like a lucky norwegian summer:

Sure, the weather is not for sure, but hey, what is? With days like this, it´s like winning the lottery:

I realized that I didn´t have any pictures of Albufeira, isn´t that typical! You only take pictures when you go on holliday. We decided to become tourists in our own town:

The spanish man with the hat had the best view for lunch:

I leaned over to check out his view, it´s not bad:

I´ll take more pictures another sunny day, but just for today I love Albufeira even more: