Would you recognize a miracle if you saw it?

I don´t know. Would I? Or am I to busy looking for it…

Sometimes it´s good to see how other people see you, to find out if you perhaps are living the dream but you don´t even notice it. When I went for a walk yesterday, I realized I was living in the dream. 20 degrees in february with a breathtaking view over the sea, while sun-starved tourists burned and happy drinking beer in the sun. I used to be sun-starved. I love living here. I say it over and over again, maybe it will sink in that I´m living in the dream in Portugal.

In my generation you learn that you should reach your potential, not settle for anything less. But it can be exhausting to never stop, always rushing. Even after 2 and a half years here, norwegian blood is still running in my veins. I´m still a perfectionist, I still think I have to do it all, at once. I look at our society, we rush, we work, we want more and more. When does it stop, when are we happy?

I´m just wondering. But for now, I´m going to stop. Sit down, and just stop. For now.

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