The little pink bubble.

Be good to yourself. I think there are many ways of being good to ourselves. One thing is for sure, the way we think affect us much more than most of us realize. I have this book called Creative Visualization, which I dusted off and put on my nightstand. There is one chapter I really like, it´s so simple, but powerful:

The pink bubble:

Sit or lie down in a comfortable position.

Imagine something you want to happen, then imagine that it already has happened. See it in your inner mind as clear as you can.

Then you surround you vision with a pink bubble. See it inside the pink bubble.

Then you let it go! Let it float up and into the universe, taking your vision with it.

This symbolises that you let it go, and trust that it will fulfill itself.


What I find so nice with this little meditation is that it´s simple and doesn´t have to take more than 5 minutes, and it reminds me that my brain might need a little spring-cleaning! It´s facinating how our minds start thinking of something else,  but just try to see your vision in the pink bubble, without limitations, and wait…. don´t keep thinking about it, just let it float. Go about your day.

I have it in norwegian, but you can also buy it here.