New space, more creativity!

Settling in to a new space can take time. We just moved to a new place that has so much more space than the tiny little studio we used to live. So now I have my own office/studio where I can design, paint, be creative and do my job. Hurrah says all the octopuses and their friends! It´s a miracle how I managed to do anything at all with no space.

So I sit down at the desk in front of the computer, open Photoshop, and then I think… hey, wait, wouldn´t a cup of tea be good? 5 minutes later I´m back, and I´m really concentrated. But hey, what if I tidy up in my drawers now, that would make the space feel better? Right, a little bit later it´s time for another cup of tea, or maybe some coffee? But if I make coffee wouldn´t it be nice with some chocolate? Maybe I should move the desk to the corner instead? That might look nice. Don´t even mention the rest of the house, the white floors that are never clean, the stuff that needs to be done. No, when I´m in my space, I close the door.

I rearrange the space several times, and I´m again sitting in front of the computer, about to open Photoshop. There is something about being my own boss, I´m quite happy with that, but I´m also extremely impatient. I want to do it all at once. I have a illustration-project with some octopuses that needs my attention, so I better start. I love my new space, it would be even better if I had a cup of tea…