Don´t mess with me!

I can accept that things take time here in Portugal. I can even wait for hours , days, weeks for certain things to occur. I just take a glass of wine. But when they decide to mess with me and the new bed, that´s it. Sure, I get mad all the time. I do, but when they call today just about the time the bed was supposed to be delivered ( after 4 weeks waiting ) that they have to deliver the new bed next week, I don´t get mad, I go insane.

I´m still very calm. In about two minutes the grey Mercedes will take a little ride to a shop that better give me my bed immediately, or prepare for the consequences. I´m prepared to sleep in the shop. You think I´m joking? After sleeping on a super hard bed dreaming about the soft lovely new dream-bed for weeks, there is no way I´m waiting one more second. The old bed is taken apart, there is no bed to sleep in.

Have you ever seen a crazy red-head with pms? Give me my bed, NOW!

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