The core of my being.

Moving house is always an eye-opener. I find things hidden inside drawers that I wonder why on earth I kept. Did I think that it would be a disaster to throw it away, or was I just lazy? Probably the last. Even though I´m pretty good at throwing away, there is always more shit than I could ever imagine. Why?

No idea, but I do know that seen from the outside I should be really happy. Because I have more space. We both have one room each to be creative in, including the kitchen, livingroom, bedroom and 3 bathrooms. We have sun all day on the huge balcony. You see, you also think I should be jumping of joy! Then why don´t I?

Because moving is not only about the boxes and stuff, it´s about something deep inside our soul, the core of our being. It´s fundament is being shaken like an earthquake, and it takes a while to catch your breath. My soul is still shaking after the move, but eventually it will settle down and be happy.

Till then I´m trying to create a new home. My body is extremely happy with the bathtub here, so with lots of bubbles and candles, perhaps the soul will finally find the balance?