Soft or hard? What do you like?

That´s what I love about Portugal, because if a plan was made yesterday it doesn´t nessesarily count today. It´s a new day, new plans. So being Super-woman today, nope, lets have a look at beds instead. That´s a story in itself, beds in Portugal! Give me strength! It is fair enough that some people want to sleep on a mattress that is like a wooden door. Fair enough. But I don´t, my body needs to be pampered, and not having to reconstruct my arms and legs after waking up. Basically; “a hard mattress is good for the body” is the common belief here. Try to contradict that, good luck.

But there are choices, we have the hard, the firm and the soft, the last is like a soft wooden door, if you´ve ever seen one of those? And to be sure it´s firm enough, the base is also made of wood, so no flexibility there. So I rest my soul in the comfort that when I find a bed that will pamper me the way I need, I will be so much more happy, because of the effort I had to put into it! There´s a reason there are a lot of non-portuguese bed-shops around Algarve. I´m not the only one who likes it soft! On goes the journey… I know they say buy local, but that´s just not gonna happen!