That´s me! I´m here! Heeelllooo! Yes, that´s me, under a pile of things to do. So, since we are moving house I don´t have time to be sick, so I just pretend I´m not sick, annoyingly it keeps coming back. Strange? I think so. I never do learn. It´s a new year, I don´t wanna be sick! Once I have a millimeter of energy, I try to do it all. Write a blog (like now), clean the house, come up with 10 new designs, write a childrens-book, organize my life and there fly the days. Bloody hell, I must write a list about all the things I don´t have to do… Oh, did I mention we´re moving house? So today I´ve been cleaning kitchen in the new place, kind of nice to see the result. But I promise, if I was an inventor, I would invent instant-moving. Like in one day, it´s all organized, and life goes on. I wish!

More tomorrow, when I´ve decided to organize the pictures and all my work on the computer while I´m moving boxes,  this could be fun! Super-woman, that´s me! Or maybe I should aim to be happy-woman instead?