New year, new possibilities?

I´ve been going through boxes of diaries and old stuff, diving in to the past. Then I decided to not even open some of the boxes and just throw it all away, I mean, the memories I have are for always kept inside of me. If I don´t even remember what´s in the boxes, I´m sure I won´t miss it?

So many people around me are talking about clutter and stuff, that they have to much of it. Why is it so hard to let go?

Letting go. Letting go of the past, of perceptions, of ideas and plans that just drag us down, that´s what a new year is all about, right? Start over with a white sheet of paper. As long as the new list doesn´t get to long, I think this will be the best year ever! I´m going to capture my dreams (again), make everything better (again), make new goals (again) but this year I will not try to do it all (I hope).

That´s the thing about fresh starts, there is always HOPE. What do you say, let´s make this year the best ever? Or like a smart guy said; I wanna work less and earn more! Just make it simple…