Let the light in!

This time of year it gets dark around 3-4 o´clock here in Norway. It´s minus many degrees outside, and we let in the light in as much as possible, the few hours we can. In many mediterranean countries, like Portugal, the sun is shut out as much as possible. They have too much sun. The shutters often cover the windows to keep the sun out. Of course sometimes that has something to do with the heath of the sun making the house boiling hot, but not always! Sometimes the shutters are down anyway, and there is no light inside.

In Norway a lot of people buy special lamps because of the lack of light, it´s suppose to help against depression. After living in Portugal for a while I´ve learned to sit in the shadow, because amazingly there is such a thing as too much sun! When friends and family come to the sun, they want sun 24 hours. Satisfaction is not easy. I´ll take a little bit of both, then maybe it will be close to perfect?