From hot to cold

There are a lot of differences to find between Portugal and Norway. We traveled from +16 to – 16 in 4 hours. With 8 bottles of bubbles and wine, which cost less than the 20 min airport-train to Oslo. Everybody complains about the crazy prices of the wine and alcohol here in Norway. It´s true. In Portugal you get a good wine for 3 Euros, and they export good wine but drink the best themselves. Priorities. Bying a portuguese wine here cost 4 times or more, and my portuguese says that that´s the wine they use for cooking back in the sun. Then again there are portuguese people who make 500 Euros a month (around 4000,- kr), in the cold north here you make 4 times or much more.

The funny thing with the beautiful sunny country, is that in a financial crisis, they put taxes on milk and bread, but there is so much wine this year so the price of wine will probably be cheaper. Priorities.

I wish there was a way of taking the good from both countries and make a perfect country, but for now I enjoy the warm houses in the cold snow with -20 degrees outside this christmas, while looking forward to the warm spring that´s just around the corner in the sun…