Force of nature.

Try to move the time in Portugal faster… Good luck! It´s like a force of nature. If you try to make something happen faster it goes even slower. Or seize to exist. It´s like trying to walk fast when you had a few glasses to many, it just doesn´t work.

A force of nature so strong that it´s time better spent watching the clouds pass by. Time is a funny thing, if you look at boiling water it seems that it never boils, but if you start doing something else it suddenly boils over. The portuguese time is not like that. It has a life of its own. Don´t play with it or try to trick it. The only way you´re going to get your way, is to not get in the way. Then maybe it will happen in time. Probably not when you want it to, but hey, are you in a hurry?

Just sit down, breathe and take a glass of port. After all, isn´t that what I came to Portugal for?

There you go, take it or leave it!

(Fast and relax doesn´t go well together…)