Compliments or unnecessary statements?

What woman in the world loves it when someone says; Oh my, you put on some weight! Like we didn´t know? But I´m more interested in WHY they say it. Don´t try and say it´s because they have a legal obligation to inform us. I think it´s an unnecessary statement and not a complement. However, when someone says something nice, most people light up. Isn´t that better?

Living in Portugal I´ve learn that they talk a lot about the body, in a way I´m not used to from Norway. In my portuguese classes we had to describe people around us as tall, big, short, thin or fat. Just last week I was called very big and strong woman (muito forte, huh?), and my question then is; do they need help with lifting some heavy boxes, or is it just a polite way of saying you are fat?

I´m sure women who feel they are too skinny doesn´t need to be reminded either? I think when people say; Oh my, you look tired, or Are you eating enough, you are terrible skinny, or don´t eat too much, you´re getting fat, they don´t always stop to think. Me, I love a good complement any day over an unnecessary statement! There are so many of us women that are so hard on our selves, lets just give each other complements and empower each other instead. Make the world a better place?

Thank God I feel pretty good about myself now, but I didn´t always. There are comments that are SO unnecessary! I think that if people have nothing nice to say, they should either find it, or shut up!

What I do know is that somewhere in Africa my ass is way to small! I´m taking my perfect ass over to the sofa where there is an extra large glass waiting…