Surprise Bifanas

On the way to the north of Portugal, we stop in this place that seems to be a typical portuguese taverna, just for a bifana, which is the portuguese hot-dog. Bread with porksteak. I know, I didn´t fancy it much in the beginning, but then, with a lot of piri piri and mustard it´s really quite good! We come inside, men with mustaches look at us,  glued to their chairs. They smile when we notice the heater over the door, and tell us that yes it´s cold outside. For Portugal, 6 degrees is actually bloody cold!

Then I see it. The food gets stuck, I choke. A rack of dvd´s is standing on top of the ice cream cooler; Gang Bang African, Asian Action and other titles I will not mention here. They are all handmade, and just doesn´t fit the image of a cosy little tavern, but there you go; living in Portugal, nothing is ever the way it seems! Porn is not exactly at the top shelf, or hidden away, like in Norway. It´s right there, in your face.

The journey goes on, what comes next I can honestly not tell you.