Brain in storage

The other day I tried to do a lot of things, and my friend says; Why? She´s right. Why try to do a lot of things? So today I´m only planning to do one thing. ONE things… I guess that´s why I´m sitting here writing this instead. I just don´t know where to start. I´m doing an illustration, one I never did before. The other day when I had lots of things I was supposed to do (because I like to think I´m superwoman I guess) I just couldn´t do it. I got stuck.

Then she says; well, it´s hard to be creative when you keep putting yourself down at the same time!

Oh, well. So I guess starting with finding ways of avoiding even trying my task is not such a brilliant idea? (Probably can´t do it anyway, I hear my brain whispering) So I will take another friends advice; putting my brain in storage so it stops interfering with my work!

Right…so I guess I´m off with no brain to do my task, wish me luck!