Good girl / Bad girl

I am stubborn, annoying, loud, angry, lazy… No, this is not a job application! But sometimes I wish we could celebrate all those shitty things that we don´t like about ourselves, and feel good about them. No, instead I´m a good girl, and good girls don´t do that. Well, this good girl has drawn the line in the sand. I´m now enjoying NOT BEING A GOOD GIRL. I don´t like cleaning or ironing, so I get a cleaning lady. I´ve decided not to be good at everything. Me, a housewife, not so much!

But when it comes to certain things, do I ever learn? Like just now, I´m sitting in the sofa, a little bit bored…I check the kitchen cupboards for snacks… CHIPS, yeeeah! No, I shouldn´t, says the Good Girl side of my brain. It´s saturday screams the Bad Girl… Yiipi! I eat, and then I feel sick. Do I ever learn?

I guess I wish I was a Bad Girl, but she rarely comes out, maybe the Good Girl wins… again…..shit shit shit.

Back to thinking positive and eating healthy, oh well… I´m off to make some tea for the nausea…