The empty days

On the empty days, this is what I call the days before I get an idea, get inspired; they are empty.. nada, I´m bored, going a little bit crazy. I don´t feel like talking, I don´t feel like anything else than watching empty soaps, soaking in my guilty pleasure. And then… it comes, the inspiration. Then I´m happy again.

But when I´m in the empty space, sometimes I just feel lost. Nothing works, well, maybe applecake with ice cream, just for a minute. There´s a reason I don´t  bake every day. But the moment I recognize the pattern of the “empty”, I nod understandingly to myself, and relax. Because I know what´s just around the corner; the inspiration. It never fails, it just needs time.

I remember the thing in the 70´s was to let us kids get bored, it was apparently good for us . Maybe they were on to something? Perhaps we need to get bored , to give space for the creativity?