The day the onion fell in the coffee…

Some days should just be put back in the box, or be erased, start over, click undo… But we all know that´s not going to happen. The calendar must move on. Why does some days start crappy? Don´t look at me, I´ve already put the blame anywhere and everywhere. It´s one of those days where a piece of onion ends up in the coffee, don´t ask me how.

One of those days where things start falling down from the shelves for no reason. But how in the world the onion ended up in my coffee, it´s a mystery. And this is not one of those “oh did you know onion in the coffee is actually quite good stories”. Not so much. Then I lost the bread with jam on the floor, jam down. I think we can safely say my work for the day is done.

So I´m putting the day back in the box, waking up tomorrow with fresh coffee, no onion, jam up.

Like my mum says; in a hundred years this will all be forgotten.