How to avoid reality

How to avoid reality: Every time you see something you are supposed to do, just close your eyes, cover your ears and start humming, you know; like a 5-year-old that doesn´t want to listen…lalalalalalalalaa… It works, and it´s fun. Then you can laugh at yourself for being so good at avoiding the task at hand. If there is paperwork that needs so be done, just put your big funky bag over the pile, or a glossy magazine, which is so much more fun than paperwork. Hey, then you can dream about all the new clothes, shoes and bags that you are going to buy when you are done with avoiding reality.

Another fun thing to do is just don´t get out of bed in the morning, just stay there and hide your mobile under the bed. Do NOT answer the phone. But then again what if you are like Anne Perfectionista, constantly perfectionistic and born with a high level of conscience? Well, then you can just dream about all of this, stop avoiding reality, NOW! Or… what if you are like Whimsical Anne who just wants to have fun? Well, then you can help me write the rest of the list on ” How to avoid Reality.”  Thanks, this is gonna be fun!