Careful what you ask for, you might get it!

Sometimes I read my old notebooks, where I have lists of wishes from years ago written. It´s scary! Suddenly I realize that I have most of those things, but they don´t mean that much anymore. I think the human condition is a little bit like that; scary. I heard a joke yesterday; it´s about a man who prayed to a statue of a saint every day, over and over again: Please make me win the lottery. Please make me win the lottery. Over and over. Until one day the statue became alive and said; Please buy a ticket!

You see, I think we want to be happy, we just don´t always know what to do with it! I have been wishing for an  open space kitchen and a livingroom, all in one. After I went to this really enlightening Feng Shui course, I have been cleaning and organizing, making the teeny tiny studio into an oasis of good energies. Well, that has been my intention anyway, mostly to make it livable and help us to enjoy it till we get a new bigger house. So yesterday we moved the marrakesh-style outdoor sofa to the kitchen, the only place it fits. Then I had this moment where I looked at the tiny kitchen and the big sofa, and thought; Well I did ask for an open space kitchen/livingroom. So there you go; all in one! Next time I´ll be more specific; Could that come with a bigger house please?

Anne, wishing well…(having breakfast in the sofa is actually quite wonderful)