Enlightened and distracted

Do people who tell us “one step at the time” know how to take one step at the time? It´s impossible! Me, I can´t do it. When I clean the house or tidy up, I want to start everywhere and be done yesterday! I AM trying to focus, and sometimes it works. Most of the time not so much. Are we asking to much of ourselves? I know I am. So without psychoanalysing myself anymore I have decided to write a list about fun things to do instead. Who knows, maybe even one day I will take one step at the time, and I will be completely at one with myself in the here and now.

I always wanted to be like one of those monks that can sit on a mountain-top meditating with no food, legs crossed and enlightened. The world could just fall around me and I wouldn´t even nudge. That didn´t happen yet, I can´t even meditate without getting distracted or thinking about shopping or food or something else. I´m sure I was one of those meditative persons in a past life though, wish I could remember so I didn´t have to take one step at the time, just “know” everything in this life. Just like that! Shit, I just realized that I tell others to take one step at the time… Well, I guess… me, I better shut up!

Anne, very close to enlightenment…


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