Just perfect!

Try to tell a perfectionist not to be so perfect! Try to tell them to relax…Most likely they will feel bad because they can´t relax and then they will add that to their list of “Things they still haven´t mastered perfectly.” However being a perfectionist can be a good thing, if you can let the “perfect” part go. I´m one of them. When I do things I do them well. Then comes the trick, stop in time. It´s done, it´s good, don´t overdo it, walk away now.

I´ve read them all, the selfhelp/find your self/love your self – books. I´ve even read “Women who think to much!” Don´t you just love the books that tell you that it´s all going to get better, if you just think positive. Well, I agree. But there is only one catch; this feeds my perfectionista; it´s another thing I have to be perfect at; Thinking positive. You see my dilemma?

My next book, I will write it myself:  “How to NOT be perfect, and still be happy!”

Anne, trying to ignore perfection…

Found image here: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/home/you/article-561887/Regain-sexual-confidence-How-embrace-experienced-selves.html