Stand-up Flight?

I heard Ryan Air is thinking of having stand-up flights. They save space and you save money if you choose to “comfortably” stand on your flight instead of sitting down.  What is the next thing? I remember a time where we got food on the flight, newspapers, drinks even! For free! Yes, I know, it´s Low-cost airlines. That is why I think they should start with selling airplane-tickets where you can pay less if serve your own coffee, even be the host or hostess of the flight, hey, why not let us fly the damn plane ourself? For a small fee of course.

I´m looking forward to the day where we can teleport (transfer  ourselves from one point to another, more or less instantaneously) to where we want, then I´m so not taking Low-cost airlines, and I´m certanly not standing up. My first teleporting will be with lying on a bed of clouds, taking me to where I want with comfort. No extra fee.