The Creation of the Octopus

Once upon a time there was a girl who was a tiny bit crazy, she was “seeing things”. Thank goodness nobody ever locked her up in a loony place! One day out of the blue she started drawing strange creations, and that is us!

We are the Octopus Association, and this is our story! We have been trying to get through to this girl for ages, and finally in one clear moment she was ready to listen. That red-head really has a brain on overload, I´m telling you! We whispered how we wanted to become, that we are very playful and we love showing off! We are quite loving, but can be cheeky if we want. After the first brushstrokes, she got us! Right away we felt alive!

What she doesn´t know is that it tickles like crazy when she paints us, but don´t you go and tell her, because we don´t want her to stop painting us. There is a waiting-list  down under the deep blue sea for a portrait and the opportunity to get 5 minutes of fame! So please keep looking our for new additions of the Octopus family; we are so grateful to be amongst you!

Click on the octopuses to see more creations!