Break a glass or two!

Some people say it´s like winning a lottery ticket to be born in Norway. It´s probably true. I get to follow my dreams, if I dare. It´s somehow not that easy, or is it? Well, easy or not, I do enjoy it. But not always. Some days suck. Some days I wanna hide under the bed. Some days are sunny.

My friend told me yesterday about this movie “The Art of Negative Thinking”. Of course it´s ironi, but really funny and so true! It´s about this therapist that has all the typical “thinking positive” rules. People are sitting in a wheelchair and they are not allowed to be negative, only positive. You can´t be bloody positive all the time, sometimes there are tears that needs to get out, or anger that is better spent on breaking a stupid glass than suppressed into the body for further pain. At least that´s my opinion.

Basically I think living is everything, good and bad. Just for now I´m happy that I´m born in Norway, live in Portugal and didn´t break anything today. (Yet…)