Birthday Adventure

There is a saying in Norway that says that is not the weather, it´s the clothes you wear that matters. In my beautiful sunny paradise I was planning a picnic on the most perfect spot overlooking the beach for my birthday with lots of people, but the rain invaded the weekend, so since we have a tiny home it wasn´t an option to have a picnic inside…So, change of plans! Something that happened quite often here I must say.

Pancakes and champagne for breakfast is a wonderful way of forgetting the wet wet rain. I believe it´s important to celebrate birthdays and all days for that matter. Basically just celebrate! If you don´t have what you want, just want what you have! My love and me took the umbrella and the car and went to India!

Well, not really, but almost to Spain, to an indian restaurant in Tavira with a very tired waiter but very good food! I could´t be happier if I was in an indian palace! The waiter felt bad that he was a bit tired and that he wanted to close the kitchen when we arrived, so when he heard it was my birthday he gave me lots of wine and made sure at least I was happy when I left. Happy I was, it´s one of those days that even the weather can´t get to me.

Funny enough, we had sun till the rain came. But by that time I was half way down the champagne bottle, what rain? I don´t know about you, but sometimes little things make me very very happy. So, happy birthday to me, it was the 10th of 10, 2010, so I believe this is the beginning of a  fantastic 37th year! It must be, because I say so.