Living small – thinking big!

Living in a small space can be positive! You have to throw away all shit, there is no basement or loft to “put it away” for later. It´s now or never! Out it goes. This is something I learn again and again when I go home to Norway and see all the crap I packed away..for later. It pains me to go through it every bloody time.

Here in beautiful Algarve we live in a studio from the 70´s. Sometimes we have a cat, and that´s wonderful. One time we had a mouse, not so wonderful. The appartement is charming, it is! There was once an aunt that came here and went in the front door, out the garden-door and said; That´s it? Yes, that´s where we live, Luis and me.  But I love it, I love the silence, the trees, the nature, the cosy space, it´s like coming home.  Then I also like one thing especially: I get to dream up a new house, a bigger one. That is what I like, having a dream! Living small – thinking big!

I also like that the beach is 5 minutes away, so I go here to open my mind when I don´t have enough space!