Picnic with a view

There is something about a picnic, especially with a view like this:

Luis Chef especial; Oven baked turkey rolled in smoked ham, filled with cheese, on a picnic-plate that survived the 70´s. In between;  yummy focaccia bread with herbs from the garden and olive oil from the mountains. The colorful Flying carpet  has stories to tell, it used to travel with its owner on the beaches somewhere in Mexico, and is now part of the family. No picnic without the Mexican!

Not fancy, but pretty close to amazing!

On the way: You must always remember NOT to drive the car off the cliffs!

Then at last enjoy the view, explore and fill your spirit with fresh air!

We explored the area along the coast around Zambujeira do Mar, it´s absolutely fantastic. Bring your own blanket, food and enjoy! There are of course mini-markets, villages and civilisation, but I still recommend to bring food and drinks just in case you find a spot you fall in love with!

Boa Viagem!