Domestic Goddess

Exercise is fun!

Yeah yeah. So, I´m exercising on this walking-machine (maybe it´s suppose to be a running-machine?) in my friends basement, sporty but hiding from the world. First thing I could think about; will anyone notice if I quietly get off and let the machine walk itself? I´m sure I can blame this somehow on childhood. I haven´t figured out how yet, but I will! So now I have this new cookbook from Nigella Lawson, and if I´m going to keep cooking from her book, I think I better find a way to come to peace with my childhood so I´m able to exercise. She really is a goddess, reading her recipes makes me want to cook, and eat…! So that´s it, I will become a Domestic Goddess. The first recipe I read is about comfortfood, and eating the whole cake… Ok, I´m off to exercise!