Morning yes, but when?

I’m not a morning person. I like sleeping. I like going to bed, but not getting out, not early anyway. The duvet is my friend. I need my coffee before I smile. So sometime after breakfast when I go out of the house and say “Bom dia/Good morning” to the neighbour lady with the cats, she smiles knowingly and says; Boa tarde/Good afternoon… Same in the supermarket, the girls all look at me and shake their head.

Good AFTERNOON, they answer, with clear emphasis on AFTERNOON! I feel like a made a huge sin. Like the day has started and I didn´t respect it enough to get up early to greet it. Well, tough! I’ve accepted that I´m a afternoon person, and that my creativity wakes up nighttime. Who decided anyway, that morning starts so early?

One day after breakfast I looked at the time to see what I should say. They can be pretty strict about this here in Portugal, at least the ones that get up with the sun… So I said “Olá” instead, to not get the evil eye. The only thing is that only saying “Hello” can apparently be a little bit impolite here in this country.. At least to the older generation, those with the evil eye.

Oh well, I guess not only am I not a morning person, I’m impolite aswell. I think my work here is done! Good night!