Take me to Bilbao!

I always dreamt about going to Bilbao.

One day there was a big cloud on the sky, from a Vulcano. Shock and surprise; no airplanes! So the 15 years old Mercedes takes one sister, one friend and my little niece to France to be picked up to further go to Norway. A long trip? Yes, but no airplane, we drive!  So Luis is the only man in the car with 3 girls and a baby. You get the picture. The funny thing is just weeks before this we talked about going to Bilbao one day. A dream. So be careful what you wish for, it might come true! We go to France and one the way back we stop over in Bilbao.

We stayed in hotel Tryp Sondika, a bit far away from the centre. Not much going on around there. No bars in walking distance. But we find a trendy pink bar with a very strange woman who tells us that in the 50´s there was an american company that dumped a lot of chemicals in this area, Sondika. She was almost like a witch, a good but strange witch. She said people are still dying of cancer. No wonder the whole area is so quiet? I was intrigued by her story, but we didn´t stay for another glass.

I know it´s the camera that makes her eyes reflect like that, but I swear… she almost looked like that. I think she was lonely. She invited us to stay in her huge house. Many of her friends and family was dead because of these mystic chemicals, they all died of cancer. They are still digging up bodies. So there we sit,  in the areas only trendy bar with a woman with no teeth that looks like something out of a fairytale. Not the Bilbao I imagined.

But we do get to see the famous Guggeheim Museum and the cool and trendy area around the museum, and hope that what the strange woman told us was a fairytale.

We see the exhibition “Shooting into the corner” which is shooting every half hour on to the wall to create… art. Luis takes pictures inside even if it´s not allowed, he is as I´ve mentioned before not norwegian like me and doesn´t have to follow all rules. He takes pictures, the security tells him not too, he doesn´t care. I´m happy he doesn´t always listen.

I love this place, I get to fill up on urban life and beauty. The museum is amazing, it is not a dream anymore, but a beautiful memory that hides in a special place. I´m a bit worried about the bodies in Sondika, but then I see the nuns, and I guess Bilbao is blessed!