Over the mountains to the beach!

Over the mountains and to the beach we go!

Not exactly the shortcut to the beach, but so what? We are going to the surf-beaches on the west coast of Algarve. We leave from Albufeira, take the road almost to Monchique, and then to Aljezur. This is a very curvy mountain road, and not many signs to tell if we are on the right track. But  when the view is this nice, we got food and drinks, who cares!

After what seems like hours, but probably is not really that long, I´m wondering if we are ever going to reach the beach… Then I see it, the ocean!

But it turns out that it´s just more mountains…

We are a tiny bit lost in the mountains, but not to worry, we are getting back on track!

So when we finally get to Aljezur, we stop in a little shop to buy homemade cheese and bread, the missing links to the awaiting picnic. Then we follow the river with not much water that leads to the beach . By the time we get there, a big cloud is litterally hanging over the beach.

But like magic, the sun appears…

Praia da Amoreira

Picnic time!

Little facts; The big difference with the two coasts is the weather, things change fast here on the west coast, while it´s almost always sunny on the south coast!

This coast is more rough, the waves can be crazy, the water is colder, but I love it, I can see why the surfers come here. It´s worth it, you feel alive!

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