It´s all good in Paradise, puffy clouds, flowers and peace..? Yeah yeah, everyday life hits everywhere… Even if I do love it here in my little world,  5 minutes from the beach, sometimes perfection has it´s limits.

We happen to live right next to a hotel where some of the guests are half deaf, so they put the entertainment speakers on extra loud just in case. My poor flowers are shaking, it´s like a rehearsal for The European Song contest with all those who didn´t make it for the  final, very very loud, with un-tuned speakers. So welcome to the charter-party, no volume-button! Seriously, I can´t sing and I don´t, they shouldn´t either! Now someone is singing “Nothing compares to you..” That´s for sure, there is nothing that compares…

Well, the charter-party is only in the summer months. In the winter months  it´s peaceful like a spa-resort. Almost too peaceful, just give me something in between! Oh no, now there´s a guy singing “I will survive”, and he´s getting to the part where it goes; I´m walking out the door… I WISH!

Anne, almost in Paradise.