Shake them like a cocktail?

This is what I love about living in Portugal:

That I get to read my books for hours at the time, maybe in not so cosy surroundings like in the health-centre and other governmental offices, but imagine if they move the waiting rooms: (Because waiting for hours at the time can get pretty boring…)

New waiting rooms at the beach, line up all offices in front and let the lifeguard call your name when it´s your turn. I know, it´s brilliant! So much more efficient!

All clients are happy and they get a tan. No complaints! People working in the offices get a nice view and lunch break at the beach, win-win!

I once read an article about a couple of Norwegians that lived in Spain, and she said that they loved staying in their place in Spain when the norwegian rules felt too strict, but then they just loved to go back to Norway for a break when the spanish rules didn´t work! I remember thinking that was a good balance.

So I love Portugal and Norway, can I just mix them? Shake them like a cocktail?