A slice of heaven.

I love adventure and exploring. So when I travel with a man who rather enjoys breaking the rules than following them, we find pretty cool places. Sunday we took the car to the mountains. Most people think Algarve is beach and sun with an umbrella drink. Which is true. But there are places so amazing if you go on the explorer track away from the beach that will leave you with a little slice of heaven, just an hours drive from the coast. Follow me!

This is Barragem de Santa Clara ( Dam/Lake)

Located quite close to the Algarve’s region border, this place is so peaceful that all senses are captivated. Far away from the umbrella drinks! On the way there we asked a woman in the village how to get to a nice place for a picnic. She told us to take the first left when we saw the sign ´Barragem´, so we did. That didn´t quite work out, so we went back and took the next left, or was it right? Getting lost is often the way of finding places you would never find following the map. Very hungry, hot and thirsty we came to a closed gate, and I thought “not again!” But my man is not norwegian and does not have to obey all rules. So he just opened the gate and drove in.

Puh, nothing happend. Nobody was there. So we adopted this little house for the picnic:

A yummy foccacia, chickenpasta-salad and a drop of beer later, we are off to explore our slice of heaven:

Luis finds Dudu Beach Resort, abandoned slice of heaven.

After this we follow one of the bumpy roads, trying to find the the way out of this place. We drive around for ever lost in the beautiful landscape, only meeting an abandoned car and a dog. Little sign of civilisation, bumpy roads. Thank godness we packed brownies!

Then we  finally hit the highway home, and civilisation awaits!

If you want to go here, there are a few places that are protected, but if you do like us; just get lost and enjoy the adventure! Maybe a gps is not a bad idea…

This is the place on the map, the lake is to the right of Santa Clara Velha (A)