Reiniciate brain or turn off?

I wish I sometimes could clean my brain like my computer, just restart, defragment or reiniciate or whatever it´s called!

This it what it says in the dictionary: Defragmentation is a process that reduces the amount of fragmentation in filesystems. I have a lot of fragmentation (tiny little particals of leftover shit from years of thinking about everything) in my brain, in all filesystems.

The dictionary also says; Brains can be extremely complex. Haha, don´t know about that, mine is just overloaded.

Don´t you feel sometimes that there is a lot of things on your mind, and it would be nice to clean it and see everything clear?

What if we could do like the computer? Just clean the brain? I guess that´s what we call meditation (for us humans)… ok here we go, a new project, something on my to do list. No, I want a simple solution, just click a button that says CLEAN and I wake up pure as a newborn kitten. Anyone invented that? I´m open for suggestions!

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