Once upon a time…

…there was a little girl who always dreamt about living in the sun.

The world where she lived could now and then be dark and filled with monsters.

But then she figured out that monsters explode in sunlight. So she decided to

find the sun, and ask it to shine in her world every day, so that all the monsters

would burst and splash all around her and make beautiful art on the wall instead.

She looked for the sun, under the table, over the table, in all corners

of her world. Sometimes she would see it shine but then it was gone again.

Days and years went by, she saved the sunbeams she could find under her

pillow. One day she had enough sunbeams to find her way to the sun.

She took them under her arm and started walking. One day full of sunshine

years later she realized that she wasn´t looking anymore. The sun was there.

No more monsters. Just beautiful colors and sun.

So now she wants to share the sunbeams with everybody who wants them.

You see, they multiply when you share…