Ice, ice baby!

We are having a good time in a seafoodplace in Olhão:

Then comes the wine! Pomba! Crash on the table. Waiter dissapers.

We ordered green wine, which really has to be cold or at least chilled…

No icebucket, no waiter.

Temperature Outside; 28 degrees. Wine; 22 degrees maybe? Anyway…

Food is lovely, shrimps, shellfish… good and yummy. By this time we are more amused

at the waiter who seems to have had one to many to drink, he walks around in circles.

So we drink the not chilled wine, enjoy watching the drunk waiter.

Next bottle, we try again, ice and wine together? Nope, no have.

Because the doors to the fridge opens so often they couldn´t serve chilled wine…

So my clever man disappears, comes back with a big bag of cold cold ice!

He tells us he went to the chinese next door and said he had an accident

and was in the need of some ice.

Yes, accident, yes yes, ice, they smile.

Cold wine at last.