The Chicken Man

I´m healed!

It is amazing, I´ve been to doctors, physiotherapists, naprapaths and different types of “experts” all my life. So I find this local man, that helps people with problems and pains. In ancient times he would probably be refered to as the Witch Doctor. I call him the Chicken Man. He clicks here, he twists there, and Voila, my headaches are gone! He tells me that I have a something wrong with the bones in my neck (this was in portuguese) and that I have to be very very careful; do not iron, do not wash up, do not use the vacuum cleaner… So sad. My headache is gone, I paid 10 Euros, AND I don´t have to vacuum or iron or wash up…. Hmmm…

He lives in a small house, the chickens live on the other side of the road, so if he is not in, he´s with the chickens, that´s why I call him the Chicken Man. People come from all over Portugal with liters and liters of olive oil and homemade wine to pay this man to do what none of my experts has ever been able to do; Fix me. I´m happy and someone else has to clean the house and iron my clothes, doctors orders!