Do not rent a bike here!

So, my dad was on holliday here in Albufeira, and wanted to rent a bike as the sporty person he is (I swear, if I was that sporty, I´d probably be very healthy..) He talks to the woman in the rent-a-bike-shop and comes back with a map that shows Albufeira and 2 cm of the “nice” track he could run the bike, till the end of the map. Well, 2 cm for him was about 5 min in the car, which is about swusj for him, and then what..? So ´m thinking maybe I go and talk to the woman, I mean I live here, perhaps I gained some knowledge on how to get the right information? Let´s face it, I´m naiv. Ok, so I go to her shop, explain that my dad is here and wants to rent a bike but maybe she has like a proper map for him… Apart from the moment she takes to sigh about the most awful bikeroads in the world (probably in the universe), she has nothing useful or positive to say… She basically recommends me to go to her homecountry Austraia to rent a bike, because all the roads here are shit and the drivers are crazy!

I wonder if she is making a lot of money?

Anne, driving a car or walking…..