Champagne in the Gas-Station?

I do believe the French did it when they supposedly invented the champagne. That was until I moved to Portugal. Now I am very happy to discover Espumante, it doesn´t sound so chic as champagne, but when you taste it…. wow!

In a little town in Portugal, I had a tall glass of bubbles at the local gas station for next to nothing. It´s cheaper than water! People there have so much of it that they can wash their feet in it, not that I would ever waste bubbles like that!

I love that the Portuguese bubbles are so good but oh so cheap, because nobody really can be bothered to do anything but drink it. They do win lots of competitions in France, but I suspect the French are trying to suppress that fact. Hey, I love France and champagne and Paris, but come on, have you ever tried the Portuguese bubbles? They call it espumante…

So I guess you know what I´m serving my guests, oh and also: I´ll let you in on a little secret: The cheese here is really another undiscovered joy! Now, someone is opening a bottle! Gotta go!

Bubbles really does make the world go around!

Design; Anne Onsøien. "Bubbles"