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About love and sun

When the sun comes, it’s like it melts away worries and spread hope. My new plan for life is unconditional love. I think the baby that’s coming will help with that. I just… Continue reading

My light bulb moment!

When a miracle happens, it can be hard to believe it. Even for me. But what I didn’t count on was how hard it is for the world around me to believe it.… Continue reading

New Year, new divine plan.

Even if it´s a new year it seems like there is no magical recipe to suddenly change our lives from one day to the other. Strange huh? I guess we got to do… Continue reading

Before a new dream

Letting go of something without having any proof that it will work out, is faith. Letting go of a dream that’s not working, before a new one has established, is trust. I can… Continue reading

Following the signs.

I have always had visions and dreams, but I also am a secret part-time controlfreak. It’s true. Maybe it’s a good thing, and maybe it’s not a secret. I’m not sure. My star… Continue reading

Let in the light!

I’ve always been fascinated by the soul, the spirit, thoughts and patterns we have. What makes us tick? I most certainly didn’t choose the road most traveled. I dropped out of school at… Continue reading

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